About Us

launching20132We’re all different, so why should we all have to shop in the same way?

This is the blog page of a start-up online fashion business called Harmony. We’re offering our members a totally personalised online store to shop in. Everything from the models you see wearing products, to the information and fashion advice you read will be tailored to you – the individual.

Shop by shape? Shop by style? Shop to suit you!

All of us have bits we like to show off and bits we’d rather hide. We want our customers to feel confident and comfortable in the clothes they buy from us, so we’re building our online store in a way that helps. There’s dresses that can help flaunt your favourite assets, there’s others that can hide the bits you might feel insecure about. We make it easy to find one that suits you.

How does it work?

The online store will be launching in early 2013. Once the store has launched, through a member sign up process you’ll be able to tell us a bit about yourself and then we’ll be able to treat you like a true individual. We’ll personalise everything from the fashion advice you see with products, to the models that you see wearing them.

Check out our pre-launch website at http://www.harmonypso.co.uk

If you register your name and email address before we launch in 2013, you’ll receive special offers and discounts!

The Blog

These are guidelines, there are no single set of fashion rules for every individual. Our goal is to educate our readers, follow our advice with an open mind and find out what works for you. We all have to start somewhere to learn how to dress body shapes in flattering combinations and learning the guidelines is a great place to begin. Once you start to get to grip with the guidelines, you’re heading in the right direction. It’s totally up to you if you want to bend them in exciting ways to find you’re own great style. That’s the fun part, albeit slightly challenging.

We work on 5 simple body shapes. We believe that one of the best ways to learn is to define a few simple body types, but be flexible when working with them. You might not be an exact hourglass. But that might be your primary body type with another one such as a pear as secondary. Understanding the guidelines for the hourglass body shape will absolutely still help you with your own unique body.


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