The Hourglass – Enviable curves need just as much attention

Hourglass Body Shape Fashion Advice

The Hourglass is described by many as the most desirable feminine body shape. Ample bust emphasising an already defined waist, well proportioned hips sit on shapely legs that are gorgeously held together with a usually curvaceous buttocks. The hourglass is sexy, classy and when dressed properly the envy of the room. A more “sciency” description of an hourglass is “Bust and hips of similar size with a waist 9″ or more smaller than bust.”

So you lucky thing, you’ve been blessed with the ideal physique. Unlike most other body shapes, your goal is not to alter the appearance of your naked figure, it’s simply to not ruin it! It is possible to dress an hourglass figure poorly and when you do, oh my what a waste… Because there are so many options an hourglass can pull off, we’re going to give you some points on what to avoid rather than the usual “what to go for”.

Loose fitting clothes are not your best friendkim kardashian hourglass body shape

Loose hanging clothes are great for masking certain body shape characteristics, but because your body shape is already in proportion there’s no need to hide or enhance. Go for something that  fits a bit better (not overly tight) because you should be showing off your shape! If you are looking for something a bit more comfortable, then you can consider draped clothes that flow diagonally across the waist and hips. Draped and loose twisted fabric should still naturally keep to the curves of your body, so you won’t be neglecting your curves as much as something straight and baggy will.

Be mindful with patterns

Yes they look nice on the hanger, but they might not look so great on you. Overdoing it with heavy patterns can make you look like you’re holding more weight than you actually are. They can even make your well proportion hourglass shape look unbalanced, totally ruining your figure. Subtle patterns are fine, but anything too bold will work against you. If you’re not a fan of block colour dresses then go for slightly textured material, or for some serious emphasis on your curves keep an eye out for dresses with flattering curved lines worked into the design.

Sensibly fitted clothing

Going for dresses that are too tight will pull at your figure which can create some ghastly seam stretching bulges. This will do nothing but make you look a lot chubbier than you ever were, if ever at all. An appropriately fitted dress will hug, not squeeze. Sometimes considering a dress in the next size up with a tie / belt around the waist will mirror your figure better. Some dresses are deliberately super fitting, if you’re a larger hourglass then we’d advise investing in some body control underwear and ensure you’re wearing a stable bra to keep everything sitting in the right place.

Don’t forget your waist!

Of course your hourglass figure owes a lot of credit to your ample bust well proportioned hips, but your slimmer waistline is what really defines the two. Ties and belts around the waist do everything to improve your silhouette, so next time your shopping for a new dress look at how well it hugs your waist. If it looks like it could be improved grab a belt to maximise the dresses potential.

A few “What to go for’s”

There’s a long list of dress options that an hourglass figure can pull off in comparison to other body shape types, so instead of listing everything we’ve pulled together our favourite things to look out for.

  • V Neck lines
  • Experiment with length, but we recommend dresses that stop just above the knee
  • A-line dresses
  • Strapless / 1 shouldered dresses
  • Remember, the key is to maintain the balance in your figure

Please note:

Many women are on the fine line between hourglass and pear shape. If you’re unsure weather your bust is in proportion to you hips, check out some of our pear shape tips. You can probably take something useful from both sections! Any questions, simply comment below or email


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