Which body shape are you?

The first step in making positive changes to the way you can dress yourself is to look at your body shape identify some of the characteristics that define you. How does you body make you feel? Are you perfectly in proportion or are there bits of you (hips / bust / belly / shoulders etc…) that are a little out of proportion?

Let’s be clear, very few women in the world are perfectly proportioned and can get away with wearing any dress they set their eyes on. We all look different, that’s why some dresses look great on you others just don’t work! Learning about your body shape will help you to understand why certain clothes can totally enhance your appearence and why you should avoid. So lets get started shall we ladies?

The Apple Shape

Common traits of an apple body shape can be one of the most difficult to dress – a rounded tummy and ample bust . Luckily you also often benefit from slim hips, a reasonably sized bum and lovely legs. You’ll probably hold most of your weight around your middle but don’t confuse yourself with the pair shape, you don’t have wide hips. Go for clothes that draw attention to your favourite bits – your cleavage or those legs for example? Try to sculpture your middle with what you wear.

The Pear Shape

A typical pear body shape will have a smaller bust with narrow shoulders. Your hips, thighs or bum are where the curves are happening, they’re bigger than the your slim upper half. Sometimes your bum probably does look big in this, but that sure isn’t a bad thing! You should try to create some balance in your proportions which means shoulder pads in jackets that ideally cut off above the hip, block colours on your lower half and something lively on your top half.

The Rectangle / Banana Body Shape

You’re a slim woman with a very slender shape and few curves. Plenty of other women will look at your naturally slim physique with envy, but a problem we hear a lot is that you might feel a bit “boyish”? Luckily your shape means you can pull off most styles, so your top tip is to wear clothes that feminise your appearance and create volume.

The Inverted Triangle Shape

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you’re the inverted triangle body shape. Commonly seen on athletes and models; strong shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs. Strong shoulders are a great asset just so long as you keep everything else in proportion. The aim for you is to discreetly add volume around your hips to balance your broader top half. Be careful though, make sure you’re still flattering your shoulders.

The Hourglass Shape

Ample bust, curvy hips and a defined slimmer waist. The hourglass body shape is made of well balanced curves, but not all styles will flatter curvy bodies. Fitted pencil skirts and fitted dresses are great for you to show off your curves, but don’t go too far with it! Go for items that actually fit your body and aren’t so snug they pull at it.

Working out your body shape can be tricky. You might even fall into 2 categories, but it’s very likely you’ll be more of one that the other. Stay tuned for more body shape advice in future posts, and if you’re unsure or have any questions just post a comment below and we’ll help you out!


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